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I currently study at Uni as a 4rd year Electrical engineering and business student wishing to seek more work experience. Some of the qualities I possess are high confidence in preforming tasks, talking to people, respectable posture, excellent leadership, teamwork skills and management skills. I work well in pressured situations efficiently and being an engineering student, I have excellent mathematical knowledge.
I am a highly communicative individual with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to adapt to working in any environments. After working at TCS as an intern and as a polls officer at AEC, I have accumlated a wealth of knowledge through my extensive experience in the corporate office. This has allowed to to better understand how to conduct projects and to work independently. Motivated by challenge, an astute and dedicated student working to the highest of ability and effectively managing the challenges of part-time employment while successfully completing a double degree.
Ongoing volunteer engagement demonstrates a focus on community, while work in customer service field demonstrates characteristics such as reliability, honesty, integrity and ability to collaborate. I have excellent time management skills, daily I must do multiple tasks in Uni as well as for the groups in which I have a leadership role in such as KNA youth (I am the treasurer and have been doing this for more than a year now) and Kingwood football club (I began this club and I am the captain of the team).
I am also the leader of the Penrith/Blacktown Jesus youth society. In these societies, my role requires me to plan, manage and run many different social, cultural, traditional and religious events. I have also worked for World vision in festivals and Shopping malls through which I have acquired many skills in communicating with the public. I am also highly active in the sporting field having played in many different sports and done different forms of martial arts. I have played basketball, football, practiced and taught karate and practiced tae kundo. Throughout this, I have participated in many tournaments and was state champion multiple times. I also love to travel and play football in different states too. Throughout all of this I have developed excellent communication ability and enhanced my ability to lead. This also gave me an opportunity to keep up my fitness level at an optimum level.


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