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Hi, I'm William. I'm a final year software engineering student at Swinburne University. I learn to program because I like to solve challenges and through it, I can create an impact for a large number of people.
I currently work as a Student Peer Assistant and Group Study Leader, both at Swinburne University. My job there is to help people's academic problem and promote university services, so I learn customer service skills and teach people mainly in the field of programming, mathematics, and physics.
I participated in a Paddl Game, namely Metro Scratch Space Challenge where we formed a group to come up with a new innovative idea for Metro. Our team won the first place and we were invited to participate in Metro Skunkwork where we further develop the first idea to a full project proposal.
I had volunteering experience as a club vice-president for the Indonesian Student Association at Swinburne where I was tasked to organize and develop plans for social events and leading the committee members with on-hand assistance.